how can i stop my hamster chewing plastic

How Can I Stop My Hamster Chewing Plastic?

If you have a hamster that has a cage with either plastic walls or floors, then you may notice after a while that they have taken to chewing on the plastic usually in the evenings when they have awoken and are less sleepy.

Gnawing plastic

Whilst they have a need to grind their teeth so as to prevent their teeth from growing longer than they find painful, gnawing on plastic is not good for their teeth and will be painful for them in the long run.

So if you can help your hamster to avoid gnawing plastic, then please do so.

How can i stop my hamster chewing plastic?

Here are 6 ways you could do this.

1. Coating the plastic in a sour flavored liquid such as lemon juice. Make sure it is edible and isn’t harmful for them. It may put them off chewing the plastic. This is quite labor intensive though and needs to be constantly done.

2. Change the tank altogether. Get a glass tank instead and replace the one that has plastic in it. If you can afford to do this, there are plenty out there that you can purchase for a reasonable price.

3. Get some interesting things for them to chew and ensure they have plenty to do to ensure that they don’t get bored in the cage.

4. Make sure that their food bowl is constantly topped up with food, and their water bottle always has water in it. It makes a difference as they always need to be chewing.

5. Consider changing their bedding to help bedding from Carefresh bedding which has done the trick for some other owners.

6. Gnaw sticks such as Burgess Supasnacks, Johnson’s fruity, Birch twigs, Bamboo Bundles and Mineral blocks are some to consider to give them something else to chew.