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Do Syrian Hamsters Like Company?

Syrian hamsters are by far the most popular type of pet hamster.

Around the world they are the most populous and are enjoyed by many pet owners for their placidity and ease of ownership.

They aren’t known particularly for living with others.

So do Syrian hamsters like company of other hamsters or animals?

Syrian hamsters are in their nature, solitary creatures and like to live alone.

This means that they need to live alone and without the company of others even their own family.

If you happen to put two Syrian hamsters together they will fight unfortunately.

Many have been injured after being innocently put together in the same cage.

Putting two Syrian hamsters together is not impossible though.

However, they need to come from the same family and need to be kept together from birth and not be split up.

However, this is rare and it is difficult to find two Syrian’s that have been bred together and are still housed together.

There are other types of hamsters who prefer to be in pairs

If you would like to have two hamsters together then it is more advisable to go for another type such as a dwarf hamster like a Roborovksi, Chinese, Winter white or Russian Campbell.

These types of hamster are more social than Syrian hamsters and more accommodating to their own kind.

They quite happily live together and even raise their young together in large families.

Syrian hamsters’ are fiercely territorial and will defend his territory against intruders of his own and other species.

So why are Syrian’s solitary creatures?

Their behavior is purely instinctive and it stems from the way they live in the wild to their behavior in captivity.

The only time they come together is to mate and when this happens the female is in heat

Once they have mated, the female will leave the male and raise the young on her own.

She will have no further contact with the male.

Upon reaching adulthood, the syrian hamster  much be housed alone once they reach at least 6-8 weeks of age

If the pups are housed with their mother after 5 weeks from birth, then she may turn against them.

They enjoy their own company

So, if you have a Syrian hamster then it is much happier on its own than with any company.

No matter if you think it is lonely, it actually values being on its own and is quite happy in its own company.

It really isn’t recommended that you get it another Syrian to share its cage.