do hamsters eat everyday

Do Hamsters Eat Everyday?

Last update April 5th, 2016.

All species of hamster have many things in common.

However, one of the the things that aligns them to the rodent family is that they always need to be chewing something.

Their teeth are always growing and so the way they deal with this is to chew on an item, whether it be food or cardboard.

This helps them to grind down their teeth and stop them from becoming painful.

Do hamsters eat everyday?

With this they are voracious eaters, but do hamsters eat everyday?

They can eat pretty much anything that they take fancy to, if it is bad for them or not.

This is why it is vital that hamster owners know and understand the foods that they give to their hammy.

Its also why its important that hamsters have a constant access to food in their bowls and water in their water bottles, so that they are never hungry or thirsty and can eat and drink when they wish.

Just like us, their bodies need food for energy and water for refreshment to quench their thirst. So they need to eat and drink daily.