do hamsters and degus get along

Do Hamsters and Degus Get Along?

Hamsters and degus are both very popular pets that are owned by many pet owners around the world.

However, they do have very different tastes in food, life style and habitation.

It is tempting to put them together and to see if they can get along.

So do hamsters and degus get along?

Degus are at their best when they associate with their own kind.

However, if there are animals which they are expected to get along with. It is rabbits and chinchillas that get along the best with them.

Hamsters, particularly, Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and don’t like to live alone at all.

They will not react well to a degu living in its space and may try to attack it.

This will not end well for the hamster in this case as degus are much larger in size and stature and stronger than them.

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