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can hamsters eat pomegranate seeds

Can Hamsters Eat Pomegranate Seeds?

Pomegranate seeds are the seeds of the pomegranate.

The number of seeds in a pomegranate can vary from 200 to about 1400, depending on their size.

Each seed has a surrounding water-laden pulp — the edible sarcotesta that forms from the seed coat — ranging in color from white to deep red or purple.

The seeds are “exarillate”, i.e., unlike some other species in the order, Myrtales, no aril is present.

The sarcotesta of pomegranate seeds consists of epidermis cells derived from the integument.

The seeds are embedded in a white, spongy, astringent membrane, because this protects them. (source)

So can hamsters eat pomegranate seeds?

They are not good for hamsters to eat unfortunately and should be avoided as a food for hamsters.

can hamsters eat potato chips

Can Hamsters Eat Potato Chips?

A potato chip (American English) or crisp (British English) is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried, baked, kettle-cooked, or popped until crunchy.

Potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer.

The basic chips are cooked and salted; additional varieties are manufactured using various flavorings and ingredients including herbs, spices, cheeses, and artificial additives.

“Crisps”, however, may also refer to many different types of savory snack products sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland, some made from potato, but some made from corn, tapioca, or other cereals, just as other varieties of chips are consumed in the United States. (source)

So can hamsters eat potato chips?

Unfortunately they can’t they are too salty for hamsters to eat.

can hamsters eat porridge oats

Can Hamsters Eat Porridge Oats?

Oats for porridge may be whole (groats), cut into two or three pieces (called ‘pinhead’, ‘steel-cut’ or ‘coarse’ oatmeal), ground into medium or fine oatmeal, or steamed and rolled into flakes of varying sizes and thicknesses (called ‘rolled oats’, the largest size being ‘jumbo’).

The larger the pieces of oat used, the more textured the resulting porridge.

It is said that, because of their size and shape, the body breaks steel-cut oats down more slowly than rolled oats, reducing spikes in blood sugar and keeping you full longer.

Oats are a good source of dietary fibre; health benefits are claimed for oat bran in particular, which is part of the grain. (source)

So can hamsters eat porridge oats?

Yes they can, they are fine for hamsters to eat as long as they are plain and not flavored in any way.

can hamsters eat poppadoms

Can Hamsters Eat Poppadoms?

Papadum, papar, or papad is a thin, crisp, disc-shaped food typically based on a seasoned dough usually made from peeled black gram flour (urad flour), fried or cooked with dry heat.

Flours made from other sources such as lentils, chickpeas, rice, tapioca, or potato can be used.

Papadums are typically served as an accompaniment to a meal in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka or as an appetizer or snack, sometimes with toppings such as chopped onions, chopped carrots, chutneys or other dips, and condiments.

In certain parts of India, papadums which have been dried but not cooked are used in curries and vegetable dishes. (source)

So can hamsters eat poppadoms?

Yes they can as long as they are plain poppadoms and not flavored at all.

can hamsters eat prawn crackers

Can Hamsters Eat Prawn Crackers?

Prawn crackers, also known as prawn chips and shrimp puffs are deep fried crackers made from starch and prawn that serve as flavouring.

They are a popular snack in parts of Southeast and East Asia. Prawn crackers are a common snack food throughout Southeast Asia, but most closely associated with Indonesia and Malaysia.

These are called krupuk udang in Indonesian, prawn crackers in British English and shrimp chips or shrimp crackers in American English.

They are known as kroepoek (old Indonesian spelling for krupuk, based on Dutch spelling rules) in Dutch, Krabbenchips (crab chips) in German, chips à la crevette in French and nuvole di drago (dragon clouds) in Italian. (source)

So can hamsters eat prawn crackers?

They can nibble at them, but they have too much fat to have a lot of it.

can hamsters eat cottage cheese

Can Hamsters Eat Cottage Cheese?

So can hamsters eat cottage cheese?

Let’s take a look at its nutritional data and find out more.

In particular, its fat, sugar, acidic, calcium, salt, water, and phosphorus content is of most interest as far as hamsters are concerned.

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 412 kJ (98 kcal)
3.38 g
Sugars 2.67 g
4.30 g
11.12 g
Vitamin A equiv.
(5%) 37 μg
(0%) 12 μg
Calcium (8%) 83 mg
Iron (1%) 0.07 mg
Magnesium (2%) 8 mg
Phosphorus (23%) 159 mg
Potassium (2%) 104 mg
Sodium (24%) 364 mg
Zinc (4%) 0.40 mg

source wikipedia

As you can see cottage cheese contains a lot of phosphorus and salt content and quite a bit of calcium, fat and sugar.

This means that they can’t eat cottage cheese unfortunately. It will make them sick and so should be avoided.

can hamsters eat pasta noodles

Can Hamsters Eat Pasta Noodles?

Pasta noodles are a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, and dates back to 1154 in Sicily. Typically, pasta is a noodle made from an unleavened dough of a durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs and formed into sheets or various shapes, then cooked by boiling or baking. It can also be made with flour from other cereals or grains. (source)

It is usually cooked by boiling in hot water and then drained before serving and is often served as a base meal in various countries and cultures.

So can hamsters eat pasta noodles?

Yes they can nibble on them if they don’t have any flavorings on them. They can eat raw or cooked, just not served hot.