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Why Does My Hamster Make A Clicking Noise?

There are many actions that a hamster makes that it can be mystifying.

One of these is the fact that hamsters seem to make a clicking noise at times.

So why does my hamster make a clicking noise?

Well the good thing, is that there is actually a reason for this strange action.

Hamsters may make clicking noises by rubbing their front teeth together in an activity known as Bruxing.

This is where the two incisors of the hamster in the upper and lower jaw wear down because of continuous wear and tear caused by this action.

Through this action, a clicking noise is made and given out.

They only seem to make a clicking noise when the hamster is calm and relaxed.

This is a good sign that all is well with your hammy and a good sign of communication.



Why Does My Hamster Sleep All Day?

Hamsters are creatures that have very different habits to us humans.

They do not sleep in long patches during the night time. As humans we are diurnal creatures who enjoy the day light.

However, hamsters don’t do this.

Instead, they sleep during the day time.

So why does my hamster sleep all day?

If you are finding that your hamster sleeps all day then don’t worry, this is nothing to be concerned about.

In fact, there are two reasons why a hamster sleeps all day

1.They are nocturnal animals

The truth is, that hamsters are by nature nocturnal creatures.

They will be at their most active during the night when they will enjoy running about, eating and chewing things.

They don’t mind going about their business in the dark and have an adaptive eye sight which means they can see things in pitch black.

It is within their character to sleep during the day.

However, they are very light sleepers.

As prey animals they wake up at a moment’s notice ready to get out of danger’s way.

They are used to doing this and it is something in built within who they are.

They will also sleep during the day during winter time.

2. It is winter and they have gone into a hibernation state

When it gets cold and when they start to feel unconformable they will go into a hibernation state where they will reside in their nest for long periods of the day and even the night.

Once the temperature starts to get warmer, then your hamster will start to become more active and get back to its normal state.

It much prefers temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and will feel much more comfortable in those kinds of surroundings.

why does my hamster vibrate

Why Does My Hamster Vibrate?

Sometimes when I pick up my Syrian Hamster I find that it is vibrating. Its like they have batteries in them and someone switched them on!

It’s quite a strange feeling if you are holding them, not to mention if you are seeing them vibrate in their cage.

So why does my hamster vibrate?

There could be a number of reasons why they are vibrating and so here is a list of possible reasons for you to consider. In the end, you will know your hamster the best and be able to decipher which reason it is;

  1. They are are simply purring. They feel comfortable in your hands and are just relaxed in this situation.  This means that all is well with your hamster and you’re doing a good job at making them feel at peace.
  2. They may be a little energetic and their breathing reflects this.
  3. They maybe shaking and may need putting back in their cage if you are holding them. Check out their demeanor to see whether this is the case, you will know more than anyone. If they are in their cage, find out what is making them shake and scared.
  4. They may be cold. Be aware of the temperature in the room. If it is too cold they will shiver and it won’t be good for them.



Why Does My Hamster Hiss?

If you have had your hamster for any length of time you may have encountered them making a hissing noise at some point.

This is a bit of a strange thing for a hamster to do.

So why does my hamster hiss?

When a hamster hisses, this may mean different things.

It all depends on what their body language is like.

Giving attention to your hamster’s body language can aid you in preventing any hissing that that they may make in the future.

When a hamster is hissing they are usually either;

  • feeling threatened
  • feeling nervous
  • or, feeling scared.

There are some things you can do to stop this and help your hamster to feel less scared, threatened or nervous.

  1. Make sure you talk gently to your hamster at intervals throughout the day, not to mention when you feed it. Loud noises will really scare them.
  2. Be gentle and move slowly. Any fast reactions will scare and intimidate them.
  3. Feed your hamster food from your hand. This will help to gain trust with them.

So if you find that your hamster is hissing, then it’s a sign that they are not feeling comfortable.
It’s also a signal to us to help them better in our relationship with them.

Take the time to give attention to them, speak gently to them and feed them food from your hand.

Growing their trust in you is the way to stop any hissing from happening.