can hamsters understand human language at all

Can Hamsters Understand Human Language?

Getting to know your hamster is one of the first things we do as pet owners.

It is how we get to understand;

  1. Who they are and what they do.
  2. How they do things and the way they live out their lives.
  3. We want hamsters to understand us as well.

Often I can talk to my hamster and he looks blankly up at me wanting to understand what I am saying to him.

So this brings up an interesting question.

Can hamsters understand human language at all?

The answer to this is no unfortunately.

Naturally. they can’t understand human language but there is something they can do.

They can learn to pick up things in what we say, even though they may not understand totally what we are saying.

They can learn to pick up triggers in our behavior, tone of voice and sounds that we make.

If you interact with other animals such as dogs or cats you may notice that they can react to the way we as humans communicate to them.

Just like we do, they can associate with what’s being communicated to them, such as when you want them to come to you.

It’s the same with hamsters.

If you use their name often enough around them they can get used to this and naturally adapt to it.

Hamsters will pick up on the syllables, the tone and the voice you use when calling to them.

If you use soft tones and don’t speak harshly to them, they will respond well to what you saying and will grow to know and trust you.

They will feel comfortable being around you and will eventually let you pick them up.

So the more you speak to them, the more your hamster will understand you.

They will enjoy your company and the attention you give to them.

Who knows, maybe they will come to understand some of the language you are using.

So keep talking to your hamster, do it daily and treat them like a friend.

If you do this, your hamster will respond to you in return!