can hamsters swim

Can Hamsters Swim?

The ability to swim is something that comes naturally to most animals.

When faced with being plunged into water and either sinking into it or keeping afloat and getting to safety, most animals have the ability to find it within themselves to swim to safety.

Dog’s for instance will naturally do and it is something they are not taught to do.

They much prefer dry land and do not like being near water at all.

But if they were faced with water, can hamsters swim at all?

In their natural habitat, hamsters live in hot and dry environments.

They are used to these kinds of places where there isn’t much water around.

So they will not be used to any kinds of water when faced with it.

Like other animals, when faced with the danger of being plunged into water, they can swim.

They will stretch out their legs and then paddle with all their strength and try and keep their head above water as much as possible and try and find dry land as soon as they can.

So, yes hamsters can swim.

However, it is something they do not like to do at all.

When they are forced into water and challenged to swim, they will become extremely stressed.

When they are stressed this will harm the hamster.

A wet hamster is an unhappy hamster

Also, if the water is cold they could even catch a cold or worse still, pneumonia from being in the water.

This could be fatal for the hamster as they do not have the ability to deal with having cold and wet fur.

Their fur is their body’s protection from the elements and has protective oils that help to protect their body.

If their becomes compromised then this will detrimentally affect the hamster.

This also means that giving them a bath is also not a good idea.

In the same way as being plunged into water, their fur cannot naturally dry itself and even with your assistance to dry it.

Their body will not react well to water.

They are extremely good at keeping themselves clean without the aid of water.

They are naturally inclined to do this.

What about using water to wash themselves?

Hamsters will use other methods such as rolling around in a sand bath to rid themselves of any grease or dirt.

They have paws and a tongue to help them do this.

So if you see a video of a hamster swimming, it doesn’t mean it is enjoying itself.

The fact that some animals such as dogs absolutely love swimming doesn’t mean that other animals will.

Hamsters do not enjoy swimming and much prefer dry environments

If possible, keep them away from water, they will much prefer it and it will be much better for their health.