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Can Hamsters See In The Dark?

For a new hamster owner, it can be difficult to know what kind of environment your hamster needs for their home.

They have many different requirements and taking all this in can be tricky.

So its important to understand what a hamster likes and does not like.

Also to understand what they are comfortable with and what they are not so comfortable.

For instance, are they comfortable with the lights on in a room or can they cope with the lights being off and being in darkness?

The question ‘can hamsters see in the dark?’ is easily answered, yes they can.

As rodents, hamsters are nocturnal animals.

Because of this, they have the ability to go about their activities during periods of darkness.

This is vital to the way they were able to survive in the wild.

Running around at night under the cover of darkness meant that they were able to escape detection from the many predators that were looking to attack them.

They would gather their food during these times and look to forage to look after their young,

Once day break came, they would retreat back to their burrows and sleep away from the detection of predators.

Because of the need to do things at night, they had to adjust their eyesight.

Being able to conduct their business at night meant that they needed to see where they were going.

This is no easy task and a learned skill which they have adapted to over the centuries.

It meant that they also had to adjust the times that they rested from night time to day time.

That doesn’t mean that they are not active during the day time.

Hamsters can wake in an instant and are always listening for danger or any kind of noise, even when they are asleep.

This ability to see in the dark is of great benefit for them and means that they have no problem with being left in total darkness.

In fact, they prefer it.

They have an ability to adjust to their environment whether in the light or darkness so do not be concerned if they are kept in darkness or daylight.