can hamsters run themselves to death

Can Hamsters Run Themselves To Death?

It is well known that hamsters love to run.

They are extremely energetic creatures who need to have the space or the apparatus such as a wheel or a ball to run in.

In fact, they are born to run and is something that is very natural for them to do.

In their natural habitat, hamsters can run up to 5 miles every night so as to find food to eat and places to hide away from predators.

If they are not sleeping, eating, or pooping, they are probably running or at least moving around.

So what happens if a hamster does not stop running due to the amount of energy that they have?

Can hamsters run themselves to death?

The great thing about hamsters is like other animals.

They are very self regulating and know how to stop and rest when they need to do so.

In the wild, they will find somewhere to rest which is safe for them to do so.

In captivity, they will simply retreat from the hamster wheel or stop running in a hamster ball if they need to.

The only reason that hamsters may keep running, is if they are being pursued by a predator in the wild.

They have to keep running, they know if they stop they will be killed.

But other than that, you can be rest assured that they will stop when they need to.