can hamsters eat each other

Can Hamsters Eat Each Other?

Here’s a question that may have come to mind as a hamster owner.

Especially if you keep hamsters together.

Is it possible that they will attack and consume each other?

So can hamsters eat each other?

You would never think that such an animal like a hamsters could consider having cannibalistic tendencies.

As a survival instinct they have been known to be cannibalistic.

There are actually situations that have happened where hamsters have eaten their kin

So as owners it is good to know how to deal with this and prevent this.

As it could actually happen!

Don’t keep unfamiliar Syrian’s together

Syrian’s have been known to attack another hamster in their cage if it is a stranger hamster.

They only really get on with Syrian’s of the same family.

If Syrian’s are placed with a hamster of another family they have been known to attack it because it has an unfamiliar scent.

They will even to kill it and then consume it on rare occasions.

This is why it is important to only keep Syrian hamsters of the same kin with each other.

Try not place them with other Syrian’s who have different family scents.

What about other dwarf’s and Roborovski’s?

Some dwarf hamsters have been known to be cannibalistic with other hamsters who ‘invade’ their habitat.

However, this tendency is not as strong as it is with Syrian’s.

Roborovski hamsters are known to be more friendly towards each other.

They are the easiest of pet hamster to keep together as they will just get along.

However, they do need to have space in the cage to make their own.

If they feel overcrowded and cramped, their demeanor may change to being more irritable towards their fellow cage mates.

The best way to ensure that hamsters get along with each other is to buy them together.

This is because if they have been together prior to being purchased, they have a track history of getting along.

Mothers and their pups

Other instances of hamsters being cannibalistic are when a mother who has stillborn pups has been known to consume them.

This is because the scent of a dead pup would attract unwanted predators.

This is pure maternal instinct so as to protect the rest of her brood and to ensure they are kept safe.

These are the the only instances where hamsters are known to attack or eat each other.

They are not naturally cannibalistic and will shy way away from doing this.