can hamsters eat yellow squash

Can Hamsters Eat Yellow Squash?

Yellow squash is actually called summer squash and are those that have been harvested whilst they are immature when their rind is still edible.

Most yellow squashes have a bushy growth habit and their name refers to the short storage life, unlike winter squashes.

So can hamsters eat yellow squash?

Yes, they can eat yellow squash.

However, don’t feed them too much as it may make them sick otherwise.

How much yellow squash should I feed to them?

Just cut it up into small pieces that they can handle well in their paws. Two or three at a time will suffice for them.

They are more of a treat than a regular food, so feed once a week at the most is more than sufficient for them.

Make sure the rind and the seeds are stripped away and only feed the flesh to them.

Some hamsters will enjoy it, some won’t so don’t worry if they won’t eat it.

There are much better vegetables for them to eat than yellow squash.

If they do happen to leave it, just take it out before it starts to rot and dispose of it.


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