can hamsters eat worms

Can Hamsters Eat Worms?

Worms belong to a vast range of different phyla

  • annelids,
  • nematodes,
  • flatworms,
  • acorn worms,
  • velvet worms,
  • spoon worms,
  • goblet worms,
  • jaw worms,
  • horsehair worms,
  • ribbon worms,
  • horseshoe worms,
  • thorny-headed worms,
  • peanut worms,
  • strange flatworms, and possibly even more.

Many of them, like the acorn worms, which are deuterostomes, are more closely related to vertebrates (and even humans) than they are to some of the other worms.

So can hamsters eat worms at all?

Unfortunately, they can’t at all and should be avoided. They are not good for them to eat. Worms caught in the wild, may especially contain harmful bacteria.

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