can hamsters eat whole wheat bread

Can Hamsters Eat Whole Wheat Bread?

Whole wheat bread or wholemeal bread is a type of bread made using flour.

It is partly or entirely milled from whole or almost-whole wheat grains, see whole-wheat flour and whole grain.

It is one kind of brown bread.

Synonyms or near-synonyms for whole-wheat bread outside the United States are whole grain bread or wholemeal bread.

Some varieties of whole-wheat bread are traditionally coated with whole or cracked grains of wheat

Although this is mostly decorative compared to the nutritional value of a good quality loaf itself. (source)

So can hamsters eat whole wheat bread?

Whole wheat bread is fine for hamsters to eat. However, it holds no nutritional value for them so don’t feed them too much.

Just make sure it doesn’t have any additional flavorings, additives or spreads on it because this can cause problems for a hamster.


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