can hamsters eat waxworms

Can Hamsters Eat Waxworms?

Waxworms are an ideal food for many insectivorous animals and plants.

Most commonly, they are used to feed reptiles such as bearded dragons, the neon tree dragon, geckos, brown anole, turtles such as the three-toed box turtle or chameleons.

They can also be used for amphibians such as frogs or salamanders or newts.

Small mammals such as the domesticated hedgehog can also be fed with wax worms.

They can also be used as food for captive predatory insects reared in terrarium.

Such as assassin bugs, and are also occasionally used to feed certain kinds of fish in the wild, such as bluegills.

Waxworms can also be consumed by humans who practice entomophagy.

So can hamsters eat waxworms?

They cant eat wild waxworms, however those that have been bred in captivity are fine for them to eat.

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