can hamsters eat ryvita

Can Hamsters Eat Ryvita?

Ryvita is a rye-based crispbread which is eaten as a snack food.

It is renown as a health food snack, eaten with spreads and other healthy foods.

Until 2009, ryvita was manufactured by The Ryvita Company.

Ryvita are holders of a royal warrant granted by Queen Elizabeth II as ‘Manufacturers of Crispbreads’.

Ryvita is now sold in many different grocery stores around the world in various shapes, forms and flavors. (source)

So can hamsters eat Ryvita?

Ryvita is fine for hamsters to eat. Plain ryvita is highly preferable than those that are flavored.

However, it is of no nutritional value for them so only give them small amounts and make sure that it doesn’t have anything added to it.


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