can hamsters eat ready brek

Can Hamsters Eat Ready Brek?

Ready Brek (sometimes written Ready brek) is an oat-based breakfast cereal produced by Weetabix Limited. It is intended to be served hot, and comes in four varieties — ‘original’, ‘chocolate’, ‘honey’ and ‘Seriously Oaty’. A butterscotch flavour was marketed during the 1970s. In the early 1970s Butter Flavour Ready Brek (not the later Butterscotch flavour) was also available.

Ready Brek was originally produced by J. Lyons and Co., created from experimentation by Walter Pitts, the Greenford factory manager from the Tea Division of Lyons.

It was launched in 1957 as an instant porridge, then in 1969 as an instant hot cereal. The product is now called a smooth porridge, as porridge is now once again popular. The brand was purchased by Weetabix in June 1990, and it is understandably more popular in autumn and winter. Ready Brek had the slogan Central heating for kids and Get up and Glow, and TV adverts during the 1970s and 1980s showed children walking to school with a dramatic radiant glow.

In production[edit]
Seriously Oaty


So can hamsters eat ready brek?

They can eat it as long as it doesn’t contain any artificial flavorings. They can only eat it uncooked though and raw.