can hamsters eat potato chips

Can Hamsters Eat Potato Chips?

A potato chip (American English) or crisp (British English) is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried, baked, kettle-cooked, or popped until crunchy.

Potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer.

The basic chips are cooked and salted; additional varieties are manufactured using various flavorings and ingredients including herbs, spices, cheeses, and artificial additives.

“Crisps”, however, may also refer to many different types of savory snack products sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland, some made from potato, but some made from corn, tapioca, or other cereals, just as other varieties of chips are consumed in the United States. (source)

So can hamsters eat potato chips?

Unfortunately they can’t they are too salty for hamsters to eat.