can hamsters eat pepperoni

Can Hamsters Eat Pepperoni?

Pepperoni, also known as pepperoni sausage, is an American variety of salami, usually made from cured pork and beef mixed together.

Pepperoni is characteristically soft, slightly smoky, and bright red in color.

Thinly sliced pepperoni is a popular pizza topping in American-style pizzerias and is used as filling in the West Virginia pepperoni roll.

It is also used to make some varieties of submarine sandwiches.

So can hamsters eat pepperoni?

Let’s take a look at their nutritional data and find out more.

In particular, their acidic, water, sugar, fat, salt, calcium, and phosphorus content is of most importance as far as hamsters are concerned.

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 1,940 kJ (460 kcal)
4 g
40.2 g
20.35 g

source wikipedia

As you can see pepperoni contains a lot of fat content. This means that it is fine for them to nibble on but it isn’t a food that they should eat regularly due its high fat content.