can hamsters eat marshmallows

Can Hamsters Eat Marshmallows?

Marshmallows are a popular sweet that are eaten around the world.

Here are few facts about them;

  • They are sugar based confectionery that typically consist of water, sugar, and gelatin
  • It is then whipped into a spongy consistency and then molded into small cylindrical pieces.
  • They are then coated in corn starch.
  • Like most sweets, they are sweetened with sucrose and are prepared by the aeration of mixtures of sucrose and proteins to a certain density and then the proteins, gelatin or egg albumin stop the collapse of the air-filled cells.
So can hamsters eat marshmallows?

No they can’t unfortunately, they are too sweet for them to eat.

Hamsters unfortunately cannot cope with their sugary consistency and they will make them sick.

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