can hamsters eat lizards

Can Hamsters Eat Lizards?

Lizards are a widespread group of squamate reptiles, with approximately over 6,000 species

Lizards typically have feet and external ears, while snakes lack both of these characteristics.

However, because they are defined negatively as excluding snakes, lizards have no unique distinguishing characteristic as a group.

Most lizard species are harmless to humans.

Only the largest lizard species, the Komodo dragon, which reaches 3.3 m (11 ft) in length and weighs up to 166 kg (365 lb), has been known to stalk, attack, and, on occasion, kill humans. (source)

So can hamsters eat lizards?

No they can’t and they won’t try to either. It really isn’t a good idea to put the two types of creature together and they should be kept apart as much as possible.

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