can hamsters eat lamb

Can Hamsters Eat Lamb?

Lamb is the meat of domestic sheep in its first year.

The meat of a juvenile sheep older than one year is called hogget; outside North America this is also a term for the living animal.

The meat of an adult sheep is mutton, a term only used for the meat, not the living animals.

Lamb is often sorted into three kinds of meat: forequarter, loin, and hindquarter.

The forequarter includes the neck, shoulder, front legs, and the ribs up to the shoulder blade.

The hindquarter includes the rear legs and hip. The loin includes the ribs between the two. (source)

It is cooked in a number of different ways and enjoyed as a culinary delicacy in many different countries.

So can hamsters eat lamb?

If they nibble a little bit of it, if it is cooked and they will be fine but it isn’t a food to be purposely be fed to them.

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