can hamsters eat hay

Can Hamsters Eat Hay?

Hay is big favorite for many types of small animals particularly as it helps them to grind down their teeth.

Animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits love to chew on meadow and timothy hay and it is a vital for their diet.

But there are many different types of hay;

Alfalfa: which is a big favorite with horses and often used to make pellets and cubes. It is high in energy, minerals, vitamins,and protein.

Bermuda: A good flavored hay that animals generally like the taste of.

Clover: It often appears dry and doesn’t preserve its green color well and if often combined with grass hay.

Oat: Has tougher and thicker stalks and is a hardy type of hay. It is high in sugar

Orchardgrass: Is high in fiber and of good flavor and not as rich in nutrients as alfalfa.

Tall Fescue: Is a long and soft hay which colors a yellow tone when it dries out.

Timothy: Is high in fiber and nutrients and low in its calcium content. A popular type of hay for small animals. (source)

So can hamsters eat hay?

Yes they can eat Timothy, Alfafa and Meadow hay. Of all they types of hay there are, these three are the most suitable for them.