can hamsters eat granola

Can Hamsters Eat Granola?

Last update April 5th, 2016. Granola is a breakfast cereal food and snack that consists of honey, nuts, rolled oats, and occasionally puffed rice.

It is baked until it is crisp and during the process of baking the mixture is stirred so as to keep a loose, breakfast cereal-type consistency.

Then such foods as dried fruits, and confectionery such as chocolate can be added as well.

(source: wikipedia)

So can hamsters eat granola?

It really depends on the hamster.

Syrians and Roborovski’s

A pinch of granola put in their bowl would not hurt them as a treat and they would really enjoy it. But it isn’t a food that should be fed on a regular basis. Just take care that it doesn’t contain chocolate though.

Chinese, Russian dwarf’s and Campbell’s

However, for these types of hamsters the sugar content of granola is just too much for them so it is best avoided. They are prone to diabetes and so foods with a lot of sugar in them will make them sick.