can hamsters eat gourds

Can Hamsters Eat Gourds?

The gourd is a fleshy, typically large fruit with a hard skin, some varieties of which are edible.

There are many different gourds worldwide because of how they have evolved.

The main plants referred to as gourds include;

  • Several species from the Cucurbita genus,
  • Crescentia cujete (the tree gourd or calabash tree, native to the American tropics)
  • Lagenaria siceraria (bottle gourd).

Other plants with gourd in their name include the;

  • luffa gourd (likely domesticated in Asia), which includes several species from the Luffa genus,
  • wax gourd,
  • snake gourd,
  • teasel gourd,
  • hedgehog gourd,
  • buffalo gourd/coyote gourd. (source)

The bitter melon/balsam apple/balsam pear is also sometimes referred to as a gourd.

This is because of its similar characteristics to other gourds.

There are many different types of gourd, some are edible and some are to be avoided.

As a result, each different gourd is to be taken on its own merits.

So can hamsters eat gourds?

It really depends on the type of gourd, but it is recommended to stick to familiar gourds and squashes such as butternut squash, pumpkin and summer and winter squashes.

As a result, this will stop any unwelcome sickness to your hamster.