can hamsters eat goldfish

Can Hamsters Eat Goldfish?

Goldfish are fish-shaped biscuits that are manufactured by Pepperidge Farm which is a division of the Campbell Soup Company.

They come in a variety of flavorings such as;

  • Original, also known as Saltine,
  • Cheddar,
  • Whole Grain Cheddar,
  • Parmesan,
  • Pretzel,
  • Pizza,
  • Ranch,
  • Baby (Miniature crackers),
  • Grahams (Honey,
  • Cinnamon,
  • Chocolate,
  • Vanilla,
  • S’mores and many more. (source)

They also come in different shapes and sizes.

So can hamsters eat goldfish at all?

They can’t at all. They are not good for them to eat. This is mainly because they just contain too much salt for hamsters to eat unfortunately.

They just can’t handle the salt that goldfish contain and should be avoided as a food for them.

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