can hamsters eat fish food

Can Hamsters Eat Fish Food?

There are different types of fish food that are available;

Dry foods
  • Flake food is a type of proprietary or artificially manufactured fish food consumed by a wide variety of tropical and saltwater fish and invertebrates.
Vacation food
  • Vacation foods, also known as “food blocks” (or “weekend blocks” for smaller versions).
  • These are designed to be placed inside the aquarium to forgo feeding while the owner is absent.
Medicated fish food
  • Medicated fish food is a safe and effective method to deliver medication to fish.
Freeze-dried and frozen fish diets
  • Freeze-dried and frozen fish foods were primarily developed for tropical and marine fish.
  • They are useful in providing variety to the diet or specialist feeding needs of some species.
Frozen fish food
  • Perishable food can be preserved by frozen storage, and is often sold in blister packs or resealable packets.
So can hamsters eat fish food?

Unfortunately it is not the best food for them, because fish food has no nutritional value for hamsters.

If they have a nibble of any of the different types of fish food that are available, then they should be okay.

But it isn’t a recommended food for hamsters to eat.