can hamsters eat ferret food

Can Hamsters Eat Ferret Food?

Ferret food is that which has been specifically made for consumption by ferrets.

It is usually designed for their nutritional and dietary requirements and contains a variety of different ingredients.

It can help keep their eyes, coats, and bodies healthy.

Ingredients of ferret food include;

  • poultry meal,
  • wheat,
  • refined chicken oil,
  • fish meal,
  • turkey meal,
  • sugar beet pulp,
  • potato protein,
  • linseed,
  • chicken liver digest,
  • soybean oil,
  • salt. (source)
So can hamsters eat ferret food?

Ferret food is not good for hamsters to eat as it is especially made for the nutritional requirements of ferrets.

If they nibble at it, they should be fine but it is not a food to be purposely fed to them.

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