can hamsters eat dog chews

Can Hamsters Eat Dog Chews?

Last updated 21st August 2016. Dog chews are used by dogs to be chewed for purposes of stimulation and relief from boredom.

The act of gnawing on a chew toy is meant to be soothing and to assist small animals, like puppies.

It helps them in event of easing the pain when breaking in their adult teeth as the chewing process releases feel-good chemicals from the brain (source)

So can hamsters eat dog chews at all?

It depends on the type of dog chews they are. If the flavor is that which a hamster might like, then consider using it.

However, most dog chews have not got good flavors as far as hamsters are concerned.

For the most part, they are something to avoid. But dog chews such as Nylabone dura chew – peanut butter flavor are fine for them