can hamsters eat dog biscuits

Can Hamsters Eat Dog Biscuits?

A dog biscuit is a hard biscuit-based dietary supplement for dogs or other canines, similar to human snack food.

Here are some facts about dog biscuits;

  • Dog biscuits tend to be hard and dry.
  • Dog biscuits may be sold in a flat bone-shape.
  • Some manufacturers claim the dry and hard biscuit texture helps clean the dog’s teeth, and as a result promotes oral health.
  • They are typically composed of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber, because of the nutritional requirements of dogs.
  • They are made in much the same way biscuits are made for human consumption.
  • The raw materials are combined in a large container, the biscuits are shaped, cooked, cooled, and packaged.
  • First developed accidentally during the 1800s, the dog biscuit snack market has grown to over $480 million in yearly sales. (source)
So can hamsters eat dog biscuits?

No they can’t eat them as they may make them sick. As a result, this is a food to avoid feeding them.

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