can hamsters eat daisies

Can Hamsters Eat Daisies?

Updated August 20th, 2016. Daisies are scientifically termed Asteraceae or Compositae and are part of the sunflower family,

The sunflower family is an exceedingly large and widespread family of flowering plants (Angiospermae).

The family has more than 23,600 currently accepted species, spread across 1,620 genera (list) and 13 subfamilies.

Daisies are found around the world in many different environments.

Many members have composite flowers in the form of flower heads (capitula or pseudanthia) surrounded by involucral bracts. (source)

So can hamsters eat daisies at all?

As a plant they are fine for them to eat, but unfortunately they are a risk to feed to hamsters.

This is because they may contain parasites from where they are in the wild.

There are much better and safer foods for them to eat.