can hamsters eat daddy long legs

Can Hamsters Eat Daddy Long Legs?

Updated August 20th, 2016. Daddy long legs are the nickname for the family Pholcidae.

This group of arachnids are commonly known as cellar spiders, and are a spider family in the suborder Araneomorphae.

The family contains about 1500 species divided into about 80 genera, but they often get called the same thing, ‘Daddy long legs.’

Some species are also called:

  • Daddy long-legs spider
  • Granddaddy long-legs spider
  • Carpenter spider
  • Daddy long-legger
  • Vibrating spider.

Confusion often arises because the name “daddy long-legs” is also applied to two distantly related arthropod groups.

These are;

  • Harvestmen (which are arachnids but not spiders)
  • Crane flies (which are insects). (source)
So can hamsters eat daddy long legs?

They can’t unfortunately, as there is a risk that they may contain parasites that may harm them.

So are best avoided as far as feeding them to hamsters is concerned.