can hamsters eat cereal

Can Hamsters Eat Cereal?

Breakfast cereal (or just cereal) is a food made from processed grains that is often eaten as the first meal of the day.

It is eaten hot or cold, usually mixed with milk, yogurt, or fruit.

Some companies promote their products for the health benefits from eating oat-based and high-fiber cereals.

In America, cereals are often fortified with vitamins, however significant proportion of cold cereals are made with high sugar content.

Many breakfast cereals are produced via extrusion.

The breakfast cereal industry has gross profit margins of 40-45%, 90% penetration in some markets.

It has had steady and continued growth throughout its history. (source)

So can hamsters eat cereal?

Yes they can eat dried cereal, as long as it has not sugar, frosting, or flavorings on it.

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