can hamsters eat capsicum

Can Hamsters Eat Capsicum?

Capsicum is also known as peppers and are a species native to the Americas.

They have been cultivated there for thousands of years.

They are used as spices and food vegetables and have also been used as medicines and lachryatory agents.

Capsicum plants have a number of different names depending on place and their type.

The spicy varieties are commonly called chili peppers or ‘chillies’ and because of that are sometimes mistaken for them.

The large, mild form is called red pepper, green pepper, or bell pepper.

The fruit is called paprika in some countries as well.

Can hamsters eat capsicum?

It depends on what type of pepper it is.

They can eat bell peppers without a problem and as a result, they will enjoy them.

They can eat all varieties of bell pepper

However, they should avoid chili peppers as they are just too hot for them to eat.