can hamsters eat bloodworms

Can Hamsters Eat Bloodworms?

Updated August 20th, 2016. Bloodworms are the bright red aquatic larva of a nonbiting midge, the blood of which contains hemoglobin.

The hemoglobin allows it to live in poorly oxygenated water and as a result survive the stalest of water.

They have a creamy pink color, as their pale skin allows their red body fluids that contain hemoglobin to show through.

This is the origin of the name “bloodworm”.

Blood worms are sold commercially by nurseries and aquatic stores because they are popular with anglers who use them for fishing.

They are stored in live, frozen, and freeze dried form as a food for aquarium fish and frogs.

They are also commonly sold in tackle shops as bait for saltwater fishing. (source)

So can hamsters eat bloodworms?

They are not good for hamsters to eat unfortunately and may make them sick if they are eaten.

A food to avoid feeding them.

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