can hamsters eat blackcurrants

Can Hamsters Eat Blackcurrants?

Blackcurrants can be eaten raw, but they have a strong, tart flavor.

They can be made into jams and jellies which set readily because of the fruit’s high content of pectin and acid.

For culinary use, blackcurrants are usually cooked with sugar to produce a purée, which can then be passed through a muslin to separate the juice.

The strong flavor of blackcurrants can be moderated by combining it with other fruits in crumbles and pies. (source)

As a result this will soften the flavor and make it less tart.

So can hamsters eat blackcurrants?

Let’s take a look at their nutritional data and find out more.

In particular, their acidic, water, sugar, fat, salt, phosphorus, and calcium content is of most interest as far as hamsters are concerned.

Energy 264 kJ (63 kcal)
15.4 g
0.4 g
1.4 g
Thiamine (B1) (4%) 0.05 mg
Riboflavin (B2) (4%) 0.05 mg
Niacin (B3) (2%) 0.3 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5) (8%) 0.398 mg
Vitamin B6 (5%) 0.066 mg
Vit C (218%) 181 mg
Vitamin E (7%) 1 mg
Calcium (6%) 55 mg
Iron (12%) 1.54 mg
Magnesium (7%) 24 mg
Manganese (12%) 0.256 mg
Phosphorus (8%) 59 mg
Potassium (7%) 322 mg
Sodium (0%) 2 mg

source wikipedia

As you can see, blackcurrants contain quite a bit of phosphorus, calcium and acidic content, and a hint of sodium and fat.

This means that hamsters can eat them, but only in small amounts on an occasional basis because of their acidic content.

As a result, two or three blackcurrants at the most will suffice usually for them.