can hamsters eat bird food

Can Hamsters Eat Bird Food?

Last updated 21st August 2016.

Bird food is food (often varieties of seeds, nuts, dried fruits or dried larvae) eaten by birds.

Here are a few pieces of information about it.

  • The most important use of bird feed globally, is as feed for domesticated poultry.
  • However (especially in developed countries), people also make or buy bird food to feed to pet birds or use in birdfeeders.
  • Bird food can be natural or commercial. ingredients reflect the species of bird being fed.
  • Nectar eating birds draw their nutrients from flowers, while carnivores subsist variously on insects, worms, and small wildlife, including other birds and their young.
  • Feeding wild birds contains the risk the animals may become reliant on the feeders, rather than going hunting for insects and their natural diets.
  • Bird food can also potentially attract rodents. (source)
So can hamsters eat bird food at all?

It is not the best food for them to eat, and not something to be fed purposely to them.

However, if they were to nibble some they will be fine.

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