can hamsters eat american cheese

Can Hamsters Eat American Cheese?

American cheese is a type of processed cheese.

It can be orange, yellow, or white in color, is mild, salty, and faintly sweet in flavor.

It also has a medium-firm consistency, and has a very low melting point.

Very early in its history, American cheese was only white in color—as it was made from a blend of cheeses (most often including cheddar cheese) which were originally only white.

However, the later versions are often a yellow hue due to the addition of annatto, a sweet and nutty seasoning added to cheddar and to colby so that by the late 1800s American cheese was often simply called “yellow cheese.”

Today’s American cheese is, by law, required to be manufactured from at least 2 types of cheese.

Because its manufacturing process differs from “unprocessed”/raw/natural cheeses. (source)

So can hamsters eat american cheese?

Yes it is fine for them to have one or two small pieces on an occasional basis.

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